Melissa Secco Testimonials

December 2017:
Melissa, I LOVE them! Really stellar stuff. Thank you so much!!!
—Greg G., Eversight

November 2017:
I want you to know what I have received my book, and the illustrations are wonderful the way you presented my letter was moving and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you once again for adding my letter to your book it means the world to me to have something I wrote in a book.
—Ciarrah Lively, Featured in the Eversight Celebrate Sight book

October 2016:
“We have loved working with you and have learned so much from you.  Such a shame that we never met in person.  I definitely want to thank you for all that you have done for us.  It was invaluable and important for our market.”
—Samantha Shum, Keiki Kids

October 2016:
“I’ve enjoyed working with you and hopefully our paths will cross in the future.”
—Kirstyn Fuller, Field Marketing & Media

April 2013:
“I adore you and wish you only the best!! You are our absolute favorite most talented girl!!! Our life line to Merkury!!”
—Margaret Josephs, Macbeth Collection

April 2013:
“It is also my pleasure working with you, you are very good designer :).”
—Nelson King, Merkury Innovations