Endless Summer recipe book & packaging design

Zoku’s product team designed a single serve Ice Cream Maker to release in 2014. Williams-Sonoma had an exclusive contract on the product at the time and was interested in selling it bundled with a recipe book. It was a huge undertaking for my first book design and a super quick turnaround time—about 6 weeks! I took it on with excitement and got it done!
My responsibilities included art directing, managing the timeline and coworkers involved, as well as designing. I worked on determining recipes from the cook, sourcing a freelance production designer, setting up and directing a photoshoot, determining and retouching photography, helping to set up the final production file, as well as taste testing a bunch of ice cream recipes along the way! Yum!
The final book is 96 pages soft cover with 54 recipes included inside and can be found in Williams-Sonoma stores across the country.
Date: Spring 2014
Client: Williams-Sonoma
Melissa Secco role: Art direction, design, management, photo retouching
Site: zokuhome.com/products/endlesss-summer
Project deliverables:
• Printed publication 
• Product/recipe photography 
• Web post images 
• Sell sheet
• Packaging design for product
Image photoshopped together for this page layout
Spreads from the published book with art directed photography
Endless Summer book & Ice Cream Maker package design both sold in Williams-Sonoma

Art directed photography

In one week with photographer Melissa Goodwin based out of Brooklyn, NY, we shot spread photos for the entire book. I retouched photos after she delivered layered TIF files. 
Image Image