Client: In-house Zoku, LLC
Designed with freelancer Sandie Burke
Summer 2014
Visit Website: zokuhome.com

The company website for Zoku, LLC needed a complete overhaul to become a responsive site in 2014. I resourced a developer and located a company that specialized with Shopify e-commerce sites in Canada. I worked directly with them, communicating weekly and setting up meetings to complete the website. I hired a freelance designer—Sandie to work with closely. She and I chose the functionality and the navigation of the website, making it easy for customers to view the product images and expand information on the product pages. I worked with the a group at Zoku to determine the navigation, product order, and blog. Our newsletter connects to Mailchimp—the email blast platform I use. Lastly, we custom designed the responsive and mobile formats as well as the desktop versions.

After the site went live we came across this review of Shopify websites. Here is a link to read the review or click on the image below: http://bit.ly/1AlRSKx